A photo of Susan and Deborah

Susan and Deborah (above), visitors from Canada who were touring the area around Keighley where their ancestors James and Ettie Teal, relatives of Jonathan and Mercy Teal who are buried in grave 12S, had lived.

James TEAL was born on 18 May 1862, his father, Thomas, was 24 and his mother, Sarah (Driver), was 27. James, a carpenter, married Ettie Louisa CAMPBELL on 1 January 1890 in Riddlesden, Yorkshire. They had two children Florence and Herbert who are pictured below in 1893.

James and Ettie Teal with their children, Florence and Herbert.

In 1906 they left via Liverpool for a new life in North America. They arrived in Montreal on 16th July 1906 with a specific destination of Bottineau, North Dakota but eventually arrived in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

James (Dabby) and his family.

James, also known as Dabby, is pictured above with his family in Medicine Hat in 1924.

James lived until he was 90 and was a wood carver by trade. His work in the local Post Office building is still to be seen, including the stair rails which were all handmade.  His work is also seen at the Assiniboia Hotel and the Mormon Temple at Cardston.

Before the turn of the century and before coming to Canada James was a member of Keighley Town Council for a number of years and associated himself with Phillip Snowdon as a fellow Councillor. Mr Snowdon M.P. later became Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Ramsay MacDonald government.