13L    BINNS

The headstone of the Binns' grave inscribed J Binns, Owner.
The headstone of the Binns grave.

   In July 2020 the great granddaughter of Minerva visited the graveyard and told us more about her family. Minerva was called Flowers and came back from Canada with her family because the family thought it would be better for great grandad. She had several children before going to High Royds.

   Minerva Flower was born in 1844 in Ontario, Canada the daughter of Samuel and Hannah Flower. She had seven sisters Sarah, Jane, Mary Ann, Esther, Martha, Anna and Josephine. Minerva married Abraham Sugden Binns on 1st November 1866 in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. They had five children in 11 years, Howard, Annie Sugden, Frank, Bessie Ellen and Bertha Louisa, all of whom were born in Canada. In 1881 the family were still in Canada but by the 1891 Census they had all returned to Oakworth with the five siblings living together at Oakworth Hall. Howard, aged 23, was a joiner, Annie, aged 20, a worsted weaver, Frank, aged 17, a mechanic, Bessie, aged 14, a worsted spinner and Bertha, an 11 year old scholar. The siblings were looking after each other as their father Abraham had died on Boxing Day 1884 aged just 47 and is buried in this grave alongside his grandfather, also called Abraham, who died aged 73 in 1858. Their mother Minerva had been admitted to the Asylum at Menston where she remained until her death in 1930.

   On 1st April 1893 Howard married Isabel Douthwaite in her hometown of Scarborough and together they had three children Florence, Eva and Howard. They lived in Prospect Street, Keighley.

   Annie married Isaac Shuttleworth in 1894 at Keighley. He was an iron turner from Eastburn. They had eight children together.

   Frank became a machine tool planer and in 1901 was living in Nashville Terrace, Keighley with his wife Ada and their three young sons Alan, Douglas and David.

   Abraham Sugden Binns was born in Oakworth on 21st June 1837. In 1851 he was 14 years old, living at 30 Lidget with his father John and Sarah Binns, and siblings David, Ann, Sarah, Mary, Hannah and John. His step sisters Betty and Alice Hartley were also in the household. Abraham’s mother was his father’s first wife Ann (Sugden) who died in 1839. They had married on 11th December 1834. He married again to Sarah Bradley in 1840.  The two year old girl Hannah who is buried here is there daughter. John, who is the owner of this grave, also took his family to Owen Sound, Grey, Ontario, Canada in 1853 where they lived the rest of their lives.

A family photo of Esther and Donald Fleming, Minerva's sister and brother in law with their nine children.
Minerva’s sister and her husband, Esther and Donald Fleming, .

   Minerva Flower’s parents Samuel and Hannah (Archer) originated from Corsham, Wiltshire where they married on 8th September 1828. Their first daughter was born in Wiltshire but by 1834 they had moved to Canada where the other six daughters were born. In 1851 they were living on a farm in Indian Territory, Canada West (now Ontario). They remained in Canada all their lives. Minerva’s sister Esther married Donald Fleming with whom she had nine children. The family are pictured here.