Victoria (formerly Wright) has sent us these photos of her ancestors, along with some interesting snippets of information. The photo of her great grandfather Jesse stood by the grave of his grandfather David Wright is the oldest photo we have, taken in the graveyard in 1886.

Victoria told us:

“I have spent the last two hours totally absorbed in the Dockroyd Live book and I can’t tell you how astonished and thrilled I am to find the graveyard is now fully restored. Almost twenty years ago my cousin John Bailey and I fought our way into the graveyard and pulled down metres of ivy to find David Wright’s grave (23H). He was our mutual great great great grandfather.”

The following photos relate to pages 78 and 139 in Dockroyd Live:

This is David Wright’s son William Wright with his wife Susannah Judson, they were married in 1863. We have a beautiful mahogany cabinet made by William. 

A photograph of William Wright and Susannah Judson

Susannah (below in later life) was the chapel keeper at Bogthorn and I have the hand written recipe book that she used for chapel catering – huge quantities! She smoked a clay pipe “for the wind”. Susannah’s parents Jesse and Martha (Hodgson) Judson are buried in the adjoining grave 24H.

A photograph of Susannah  in later life

This is William’s son Jesse Wright, pictured with his grandfather David’s newly erected grave stone in 1886. So clean and white! It will be interesting to see it again.

A photograph of William’s son Jesse Wright, pictured with his grandfather David’s newly erected grave stone in 1886.  This is the oldest image taken of the graveyard the trustees have found.

Jesse was my great grandfather, a blacksmith who drank, and died from injuries that happened whilst he was fitting a new beam on to a loom, it slid and dropped into his abdomen and punctured his spleen. He died a few days later leaving his widow with three young children. My grandfather was four at the time and remembered being taken to see his father laid out in the bedroom. My poor grandfather had a terrible stammer all his life, and we put it down to this childhood trauma.  And this photo below is Jesse’s brother David Wright, the grandson mentioned in page 78 who sang in the choir

A photo of David Wright, Jesse's brother.
David Wright at work as a draughtsman

Here he is at work. He was a draughtsman and cashier employed at Clapham’s iron foundry in Keighley, where they made gas standard lamps.

 David’s son, Irwin Clayton Wright married Mabel Olwen Evans the daughter of Rowland Evans the minister at Slack Lane. Irwin became a bank manager, he was my grandfather’s first cousin; I became very fond of both and have many of their photographs. Irwin and Olwen had no family.