24B + 33G + 36K + 25U + 6U  (MI 239 + 259) GOTT, SHACKLETON

Three photos showing  James and Mary (Hartley) Gott and their daughters Mary Ann and Susan
James and Mary (Hartley) Gott and their daughters Mary Ann and Susan
Three photos showing Jane Gott (stood) at Victoria Terrace,  Samuel and Elizabeth Gott and daughters Mary Emma, Ada and Ann
Jane Gott (stood) at Victoria Terrace      Samuel and Elizabeth Gott and daughters Mary Emma, Ada and Ann
Three photos showing Pte John George Ashmore, Hiram Craven and Susan Whitaker’s 3 children Benjamin, Mary and Elizabeth and    Milton and Mary Emma Whitaker
Pte John George Ashmore,             Hiram Craven and Susan Whitaker’s 3 children Benjamin, Mary and Elizabeth,    Milton and Mary Emma Whitaker
A photo of the staff of Oakworth House, employed by Isaac Holden.  Samuel Gott is marked by a cross
Staff at Oakworth House (Sir Isaac Holden). Samuel Gott marked with x
Squire Thornton is seated front row, second from right
A photo of Samuel Gott with a horse and cart in the railway goods yard at Ingrow where the Suzuki garage is now.
Samuel Gott with horse and cart
Close examination of this photo by members of the Dockroyd Graveyard Trust facebook group have identified the photo as having been taken in the former Railway Station yard on the bottom side of the A629 Halifax Road, now the site of the Suzuki Garage. Ingrow St Johns Church can be seen in the top left corner and pedestrians can be seen walking along the A629 footpath.

Thanks to Nikki Denison for providing the following detail:

1.  James Gott b. 1824, Cowling d. 11 Feb 1885, Oakworth

Married Mary Hartley     b. 1828, Trawden, Lanc d. 2 Dec 1876, Oakworth

Married on 27 Dec 1847 at Saint Mary’s Church, Trawden, Lanc.

James listed as full age (23), bachelor, profession Woolcomber, living at Lidget at Oakworth, literate as signed himself, father Samuel Gott (a Tailor).

Mary listed as a minor (19), spinster, no profession, living at The Hole at Trawden, illiterate as mark of cross, father James Hartley (a weaver).

1851 Census living at 24 Lidget, Oakworth

James aged 27, Woolcomber

Mary aged 21, no profession

Hartley (son) aged 2

Mary Ann, aged 3 months

Plus 2 uncle-in-laws and a female cousin living with them.

1861 Census living at 106 Lidget, Oakworth

James aged 37, Hawker to Greengrocer

Mary aged 32, no profession

Mary Ann, aged 10, Scholar

Samuel, aged 7, Scholar

Jane, aged 5, Scholar

James, aged 1

1871 Census living at 109 Lidget, Oakworth

James aged 47, Hawking Draper

Mary aged 41, Housekeeper

Mary Ann, aged 20, Worsted cotton weaver

Samuel, aged 17, Joiner Apprentice

Jane, aged 15, Spinner at factory

James, aged 11, Spinner at factory

Susan, aged 6, Scholar

Arthur, aged 1

James listed as Grocer and Draper at Samuels marriage on 29th July 1876

1881 Census living at 136 Lidget, Oakworth

James aged 57, Grocer

Mary aged 54, No profession

Jane, aged 25, Draper

James, aged 21, Tailor

Susan, aged 16, Worsted spinner

James and Mary had 4 children die either before 5 or were stillborn.