A photo of a bunch of flowers placed on the unmarked grave
The unmarked grave

There was a tearful reaction from the volunteers who tidied up this unmarked grave when they realised a two day old boy was alone here. It prompted further research into his family.

A portrait photo of Minnie Holdsworth
Minnie Holdsworth

The 1901 Census shows his parents John and Mary Ann (Feather) Holdsworth living at Upper Marsh with a one month old daughter Linda. They had married at Slack Lane Baptist Church on 20th November 1900. John was a stone carter. His widowed father Joseph and siblings Arthur, Walter, Mary Anna, Richard Herbert, Joseph, Craven and Minnie were living next door. There was also another brother Samuel not present. Minnie (1892-1967) is shown on this photo .

   Daughter Linda died just two years old in 1903. By the time of the 1911 Census John and Mary Ann had moved to 79 Lidget where he continued his work as a carter. They now had two sons, Herbert born in 1903 and Joseph born on 5th September 1906, named after his grandfather who had just died 16th May 1905.

   The records of the 1939 Register show Herbert and his wife Lilian still living at 79 Lidget where Herbert was a Textile Warehouseman. They had married at Slack Lane Baptist Church on 21st July 1931 and had a daughter Jean who later married Jeffrey Smith with whom she had two sons Carl and Stephen.

   By 1939 Herbert’s parents John and Mary Ann Holdsworth had moved next door to 77 Lidget where John is described as a coal dealer working on his own account. Their son Joseph was a 33 year old Engineer in a Textile factory. Also living with them was daughter Annie, who had been born on 3rd February 1912. She was working as a machinist in a pyjama factory.

   The family remained at 77 Lidget where John died on 25th November 1955. His wife Mary Ann died at the same address on 6th November 1972. Their daughter Annie never married and died in 1997. Son Joseph died on 24th June 1956 whilst living at 1 Wheathead Lane, Exley Head. He left effects valued at £1218 to his widow Eva Holdsworth. Eldest son Herbert, who was a bus driver and living at 19 Ashville Terrace at the time, was last seen alive on 2nd February 1977. His dead body was found the following day and he was buried at Oakworth Crematorium the following week.

   The records for our little boy Ernest Holdsworth show that he died on 19th November 1915, just two days old. He was buried the following day. His place of death is given as 79 Lidget and must therefore have been the fifth child of John and Mary Ann Holdsworth.

A photo of Ernest Holdsworth's death certificate.
Ernest Holdsworth’s records.