The Memorial Inscription for John and Alice Moore’s grave does not appear in Dockroyd Live. Now that it has been discovered it reads:

On page 46 of “Dockroyd Live” it says: “When John Moore was born in 1809, his father Emanuel was 31 and his mother Mary (Hanson) was 21.” Kathryn Bayliss has corrected this, and here is her correct version:

Here is the baptism record for John Moore:

John Moor:
Baptism/christening date: 08 May 1811 baptism/christening place: KEIGHLEY
birth date: 18 Dec 1808
father’s name: Jonas Moor         mother’s name: Betty Greenwood.

They lived at Nook. Nook is about 1 mile southwest of Newsholme and northwest of Turnshaw. In the census various Moor/Moore’s lived at Nook. John and Alice Moore were living at Turnshaw in 1841 census and named their children Jonas and Betty, (probably after John’s parents) and Benjamin after Alice’s father Benjamin Burwin. John Moore’s birth year of 1809 in various sources is probably an estimate taken from his age in census. Moore has also been written with and without the E in earlier records.

During lockdown Trustee Stuart Sharp was looking through his grandfather’s stamp album for something to do and came across this envelope:

Corner of an envelope addressed to Mr J T Moore with three Malayan stamps on.
The envelope piece Stuart Sharpe found.

  It was part of an envelope addressed to Mr J T Moore posted Oct 1937 from Malaya, assumed to be a communication from his son Arthur. The envelope was kept purely for the stamps so there is no content. Stuart remembers a Mr Moore living at 16 Slaymaker Lane and Sunny Bank when Stuart was about 10 years old (he’s in his 70s now). Three generations of the Sharp family lived in houses in Slaymaker Lane.

   Stuart also notes Kathryn’s last known relative was Alan Shaw who lived in a detached house in Slaymaker Lane for most of his married life, which Stuart’s family built for him. Stuart knew him well, also his parents Mr & Mrs Arthur Shaw who lived in Victoria Street.

Kathryn’s responsed:
 Albert Moore, my great great grandfather named his first orchard Sunny Bank and I named my home Sunny Bank also. I’m not sure if he was tied up with Sunny Bank in Oakworth at any time.
I can’t recall John Thomas Moore living at Slaymaker Lane. Below is some info I can find easily on where he lived:

John Thomas Moore son of Mary Anne Moore and John Moore was born at Hoyle House Oakworth August 4th 1867. Married in the Wesleyan chapel Oakworth on July 20th 1897 to Selina Moore daughter of Benjamin and Martha Moore born Highfield Oakworth May 7th 1865. 

Alice their daughter was born at 125 Victoria Terrace Oakworth on 27th April 1898
Arthur Moore born at 125 Victoria Terrace Oakworth October 22nd 1904
Selina Moore died Oct 6th 1928 at 16 Apsley st. Oakworth aged 63.
John Thomas Moore died Sept 19th 1938 at Victoria Hospital Keighley aged 71 years. John Thomas Moore was living at 16 Aspley Street, Oakworth in 1938.

John Thomas Moore living at 125 Victoria Terrace Oakworth  1901 1903  1905 
John Thomas Moore living at 6 Victoria Terrace Oakworth  1906
John Thomas Moore living at Near Highfield Oakworth  1911

Regarding Alan Shaw:
Alan Percival SHAW,  was her second cousin, once removed.
Below is an excerpt from the family history. (Albert Moore b. 19 Oct 1868 was my great great grandfather.)

Benjamin Moore, b. 11 Jun 1837, Haworth, Yorkshire.  He married Martha Heaton, 1857, in Keighley, Yorkshire, b. 8 Feb 1832, Keighley, Yorkshire, (daughter of Joseph Heaton and Martha Shackleton) d. 30 Apr 1906.  Benjamin died 30 Jan 1888.
  i Albert Moore b. 19 Oct 1868.
  ii Alice Moore, b. 28 Feb 1860, Keighley, Yorkshire.  She married Alfred Feather.
  iii John Moore, b. 6 May 1858, Keighley, Yorkshire, d. 5 Apr 1862.
  iv Selina Moore b. 7 May 1865.
  v Martha Ann Moore, b. 19 May 1872, Keighley, Yorkshire.  She married James Green.  Martha died 1951.
  vi Francis Moore, b. 19 Jan 1875, Keighley, Yorkshire.  He married Ruth Clayton.
  vii Benjamin Moore, b. 5 Sep 1870, Keighley, Yorkshire, d. 17 Jan 1872, Keighley, Yorkshire.
  viii John Moore b. 10 May 1862.

John Moore, b. 10 May 1862.  He married Priscilla Preston, b. 1860, d. 23 Oct 1890.  John died 24 Dec 1937.
  i Percy Moore.
  ii Benjamin Moore b. 28 Apr 1888.
  iii Elsie Moore b. 24 May 1890.

Elsie Moore, b. 24 May 1890, d. 26 June 1967. She married Arthur Shaw, died 3 June 1974.
  i Raymond Shaw.  He married Shelagh Roberts, d. 23 Jun 1987.
  ii Cyril Shaw, b. 13 Oct 1923, d. 19 Feb 1924.
  iii Alan Percival Shaw b. 4 Oct 1925. He married Joan Barker, b. 30 Oct 1919.