La Toussaint Day

This is the Facebook post that Jean Sugden posted about La Toussant day, and the grave of Frenchman, Maurice Couffinhal, and his families response. Also in this section you can read more of the backstory which explains how Maurice was buried in Dockroyd.… too short for excerpt, but Read More anyway »


Victoria (formerly Wright) has sent us these photos of her ancestors, along with some interesting snippets of information. The photo of her great grandfather Jesse stood by the grave of his grandfather David Wright is the oldest photo we have, taken in the graveyard in 1886. Victoria told us: “I have spent the last two hours totally absorbed in the Dockroyd Live book and I can’t tell you how astonished and thrilled I am to find the graveyard is now fully restored. Almost twenty years ago my cousin John Bailey and I fought our way into the graveyard and pulled down metres of ivy to find David Wright’s grave (23H). He was our mutual great great great grandfather.” The following photos relate to pages 78 and 139 in Dockroyd Live: This is David Wright’s son William Wright with his wife Susannah Judson, they were married in 1863. We have a beautiful …

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Memorial of Mrs Martha Cockshott

The Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine July 1889 Martha Cockshott, born at Dockroyd in 1812, was the daughter of the late Mr and Mrs John Sugden, who were godly Methodists. They came from Haworth, and brought with them the holy fervour which had been kindled in the hearts of their parents by the ministry of the sainted Grimshaw. Methodism was introduced by them into Oakworth; and it is principally through the influence of the Sugden family, that it has ever since been such a power for good in the neighbourhood. Mr John Sugden, was the first class leader in Oakworth, the Class being held at his own house. Martha Sugden was thus from her earliest days surrounded with religious influences, brought up “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord”. She joined her father’s Class at the age of eleven years, but it was not till she had passed the age of twenty …

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Susan and Deborah (above), visitors from Canada who were touring the area around Keighley where their ancestors James and Ettie Teal, relatives of Jonathan and Mercy Teal who are buried in grave 12S, had lived. James TEAL was born on 18 May 1862, his father, Thomas, was 24 and his mother, Sarah (Driver), was 27. James, a carpenter, married Ettie Louisa CAMPBELL on 1 January 1890 in Riddlesden, Yorkshire. They had two children Florence and Herbert who are pictured below in 1893. In 1906 they left via Liverpool for a new life in North America. They arrived in Montreal on 16th July 1906 with a specific destination of Bottineau, North Dakota but eventually arrived in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada James, also known as Dabby, is pictured above with his family in Medicine Hat in 1924. James lived until he was 90 and was a wood carver by trade. His work …

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Jabez & Arthur Bancroft…..Wesleyan Chapel Sextons

We were recently lent the old Grave Books for the Oakworth Wesleyan Chapel, listing burials from 1862-1917. Here at Dockroyd graveyard was where Jabez Bancroft was the Sexton, and on his death his son Arthur took over the job. Jabez was listed as Sexton from 1884 to his death in 1898. Arthur took over after his father’s death in 1898 to 1938. Many will wonder what exactly the duties of a Sexton were. They were: 1- Grave digging 2- Maintenance of the graveyard….generally keeping it tidy….grass cutting, hedge trimming etc 3-General maintenance of the chapel grounds. The record of Jabez’s burial is listed in the following entry halfway down this page in the grave book, and just underneath the entry is a note saying that his son Arthur took over as grave digger. The cost of obtaining a grave is shown in the books as 2/- per plot or 5/- …

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