William Henry Hargreaves

Liesl Beckles tells us that in William Henry Hargreaves grave there were also two infants buried there who were Norman and Edwin Hargreaves. Edwin was the son of Herbert Hargreaves, the Blacksmith and Norman was his brother. Elsie his sister sadly died at Highroyds Ayslum. I have recently obtained the records of Elsie’s time at Highroyds from Wakefield Archive.

This photo is her Great Grandad, Herbert Hargreaves, with the gates he made on Oxenhope Methodist Chapel. Herbert was the President of the Uppertown Co-op in Oxenhope.

High Royds Menston
High Royds, Menston
Left to Right: Bertha Hargreaves (married Smith Hudson), Sydney Hargreaves (married Emma Shackleton), William Henry Hargreaves, father, Elsie Hargreaves (died aged 18), William Hargreaves (married Martha Bailey)(emigrated to Canada), Grace Ann Hargreaves (mother), Frank Hargreaves (married Margaret Dent), Herbert Hargreaves (married Ada Wall)