Scargill Family visit.

The Trustees were pleased to welcome the family of George Scargill to the graveyard today. Although the family had communicated they had never actually met before, the families had travelled from Derbyshire, Cumbria, Leeds and Sweden, quite a family gathering. It was a poignant time for them to at last see the grave of their ancestors and share their memories. The Trustees are so glad they have helped unite this lovely family.

A group photo of the Scargill family gathering at their ancestor's grave.
The various members of the Scargill family.

national cemeteries week

A view of the headstones in the graveyard, taken by Paul Melling.
A photo of the graveyard taken on the open day, with many thanks to Paul Melling for his permission .

We had a steady stream of visitors on the 7th of May for our first National Cemeteries Open Day. Some old friends we haven’t seen for a while and some new visitors calling in for the first time.  Some were locals and plenty had travelled a fair way to come and join us.  We were able to help some visitors find graves belonging to their families, always rewarding. We had a generous donation of used garden tools, which are very useful.

All in all a very satisfactory day and the tea lady did brisk business, just Perfick!

Gravelling the Gravestones

The first phase of our plan to gravel the graves in Dockroyd Graveyard is now complete. 100 graves have been dug and tidied and almost 10tons of gravel have been used. This was a decision made by the Trustees to both improve the look of the graveyard and cut down on the amount of maintenance both for us and future generations.

It was made possible by a grant from BMDC and a donation from Travis Perkins.

So now the boss! has ordered another 10tons, due in a couple of weeks, there’s going to be a lot more tea and biscuits needed!

We have already spoken to some of those people who ‘adopted’ a grave and continue to maintain it but if you have adopted a grave and haven’t been for a while, you might like to get in touch to let us know what you would like us to do. The Trustees are so pleased the graveyard is now being seen by more people, sometimes just passing through but recently we had a visit from a couple from Elgin, looking for a particular grave and we often see others browsing around, exactly what we wanted. Result!!

loxley cemetery visit

It was really good to meet visitors to the graveyard today from Loxley Cemetery in Sheffield. They had heard of the work done in the graveyard and we had lots of discussion of what has been done here and what ideas they could use in their work at their 10 acre sight. A return visit was arranged when the weather improves.

Loxley Cemetery visit